Yoshitake Steam & Air Solution- Japan:

We are willing to strive to work in R&D and verification test in order to achieve the highest performance and the best quality by making use of seventy-year experience. Our spirit always aims to the best, and makes us try endless improvement of our product. Our technology is supported by longtime experience, actual achievement, basic research, verification test, and spirit with tireless effort. To make our brand being always trusted, we have passion and patience for quality control. Our basic philosophy of quality management is to produce core parts, only inside our company, which determine the performance of the products. Our passion is not only for manufacturing. We develop all possible services before and after the sales so that our customers can use our products without anxiety for the long term. We always give the best priority of our customer after sales service.


A) Steam Utilities:

1. M S Pipes                                      
2. M S Fittings
3. Pressure Reducing Valves
4. Strainers
5. Steam Bellows Seal Valves
6. Steam Float Traps
7. Non Return/Check Valves
8. Yoshitake Products
9. Other Equipments


B) Water Utility:

1. G I Pipes
2. G I Fittings
3. Gate Valves
4. Butterfly Valves
5. Ball valves
6. Other Equipments

C) Chemical Utilities :

1. S.S Pipes
2. S.S Fittings
3. S.S Valves
4. PP pipes
5. pp pipe fittings
6. pp valves
7. FRP pipes
8. FRP pipes
9. FRP fittings
10. Chemical dosing pumps
11. Other equipments


D) Pneumatic Utilities:

1. Filter Regulation Lubricator Unit (FRL Unit)
2. Solenoid Valves
3. Flow Control Valves
4. Cylinder
5. Pressure Gauge
6. Tubes and Fittings
7. Actuator
8. Sensor
9. Process Valves
10. Industrial Filter
11. Instrumentation Instruments
12. SMC Pneumatics


E) Hydraulic Utilities :

1. Hydraulic Tubes
2. Hydraulic Tube Fittings
3. DC Valves
4. Vane Pumps
5. Piston
6. Flow Control
7. Check Valves
8. Actuators
9. Modular Valves
10. Mobile Valves
11. Pressure Controls

F) Gas/ Burner utilities:

1. Governor for gas
2. Air gas ratio controls
3. Solenoid valves
4. Actuators
5. Burner control unit
6. UV sensor
7. Damper motors
8. Dungs, Germany
9. Krom Schroder, Germany
10. Landis & Gyr, Germany